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As Polyar Industry, we are expanding our fields of activity with our innovative and productive team, relying on the strength we have gained from our experience in the “Energy” sector, and we continue to serve in various sectors. While producing with the Lean Production and Continuous Improvement Philosophy, we can control every stage of manufacturing and assembly, and by ensuring traceability, we carry the quality of our brand to higher levels.

Quality Management System

We accept the system as a whole and see quality as a common function as the customer of every system within this whole. With the participation of all our employees, we work together to create a quality job for the common goal.

Hydraulics and Automation

We provide project design, sales and engineering services in the fields of industrial hydraulics. In addition, we provide product and software support in the field of hydraulic automation, and we offer quality solutions in revision and turnkey projects.

Robotic Welding Systems

By adapting to the changing and developing technology, we give priority to investments that will improve our brand in terms of "Quality and Speed", By using Robotic Welding Systems, we can weld with zero error and high quality.


With our experience of more than 30 years in the machining industry, we also make project and part-based high precision manufacturing in our CNC and Universal machining benches for precision and heavy industry.

Project Planning and Engineering

By providing design and engineering services in line with the scope of the projects under our responsibility, we manage risks and produce economical solutions with applicable methods.

Sandblasting and Painting

We support your projects with our professional sandblasting paint facility in Adana with dust, paint suction units and air conditioning in a closed area of 450 m2.

Trusted Advisor

We produce services and products with a transparent, reliable and sustainable business approach within the needs of our business partners.

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Save The Planet

We Produce Our Energy With Our Sustainable Resources...

Thanks to the installed SPP, we prevent the emission of 1,200 tons of CO²...

As Polyar Group, within the framework of our corporate social responsibility understanding, we produce our own energy and carry out all our business processes with the basic principle of environmental awareness. We develop ecofriendly green solutions for the sustainable use of resources and make our decisions by evaluating the impact on the environment. We are responsible for the future of the world. We know that the environment we live in will be a source of life for us today and for future generations to come. And for that, we want to leave a greener trail behind us.

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